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     Photo Credit: Mahi Kar Ray

Dr Manaan Kar Ray LRPS

From Egyptian Pyramids to Mayan, from lions hunting in packs in Masai Mara to the Royal Bengal Tiger in Sunderbans, from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the Mighty Himalayas, from the beaches of Ko Phi Phi in Thailand to those in the carribean, from sky scrapers in Singapore to the top of Empire state, from the white Marble of Taj Mahal to the wrought iron of Eiffel Tower, I have been very fortunate to see over 30 countries and over 125 destinations in the last 15 years. However I feel I have barely scratched the surface of all that is to see in a life time.

My Travels

2000 Onwards

Aug 15: Canada (Ontario, Quebec)

July 15: Doha, Qatar

Apr 15: Rome, Italy

Dec 14: India

Aug 14: Western Europe Road Trip (France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium)

May 14: Budapest, Hungary

Apr 14: Paris, France

Dec 13: Tunisia

Oct 13: Prague, Check Republic

Aug 13: Lake District, UK

July 13: Peak District, UK

May 13: Brighton, UK

Oct 12: Vienna, Austria

Aug 12: Himachal, India

Apr 12: Scotland, UK

Dec 11: Yucatan, Mexico

Aug 11: Thailand

Jun 11: New York, Yale, US

Apr 11: North Wales, UK

Aug 10: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jan 10: Andalucia, Spain

Countries Travelled

Portrait shot by Mahi (when 8 years old) in Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland.

Aug 09, Istanbul, Turkey

Jul 09: Sikkim, India

Jan 09: Singapore

Jun 08: Venice, Italy

May 08: Greece, Croatia

Jan 08: Montreux, Geneva, Switzerland

Jun 07: Cornwall, UK

Mar 07: New Forest, UK

Mar 07: Madrid, Spain

Nov 06: Barcelona, Spain

Oct 06: Western India

May 06: Davos, Switzerland

Feb 06: Nice, France

May 05: Western US (California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada)

Jul 04: Western Europe (France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzeland, Austria, Italy, Monaco)

May 04: Dublin

April 04: Isle of Wight, UK

Jan 04: Kenya

Aug 03: Scotland, UK

Apr 03: Cornwall, UK

Dec 02: Egypt

Sep 02: Belfast

Apr 02: Lake District, UK

Oct 01: West Wales, UK

Dec 00: Nepal




North America

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