Manaan Kar Ray Photography

   July 2015 Doha, Qatar


Aug 15: Canada (Ontario, Quebec)

Apr 15: Rome, Italy

Dec 14: India

Aug 14: Western Europe Road Trip (France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium)

May 14: Budapest, Hungary

Apr 14: Paris, France

Dec 13: Tunisia

Oct 13: Prague, Check Republic

Aug 13: Lake District, UK

July 13: Peak District, UK

May 13: Brighton, UK

Oct 12: Vienna, Austria

Aug 12: Himachal, India

Apr 12: Scotland, UK

Dec 11: Yucatan, Mexico

Aug 11: Thailand

Jun 11: New York, Yale, US

Apr 11: North Wales, UK

Aug 10: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jan 10: Andalucia, Spain

Aug 09, Istanbul, Turkey

Jul 09: Sikkim, India

Jan 09: Singapore

Jun 08: Venice, Italy

May 08: Greece, Croatia

Jan 08: Montreux, Geneva, Switzerland

Jun 07: Cornwall, UK

Mar 07: New Forest, UK

Mar 07: Madrid, Spain

Nov 06: Barcelona, Spain

Oct 06: Western India

May 06: Davos, Switzerland

Feb 06: Nice, France

May 05: Western US (California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada)

Jul 04: Western Europe (France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzeland, Austria, Italy, Monaco)

May 04: Dublin

April 04: Isle of Wight, UK

Jan 04: Kenya

Aug 03: Scotland, UK

Apr 03: Cornwall, UK

Dec 02: Egypt

Sep 02: Belfast

Apr 02: Lake District, UK

Oct 01: West Wales, UK

Dec 00: Nepal

My Travels (2000 onwards)

Doha, Qatar

In July 2015, I went on a short trip to Doha, Qatar on business. I did get one evening to take the camera out but it was very windy and there had been a sand storm earlier in the day. Holding the camera steady by the seaside promenade on a tripod was one hell of a job, so packed up. The souk is the place to hang about in the evening.